The Culture Dividend 

Culture totally affects the way we communicate with each other. Yet, more often than not, the beliefs, values and assumptions that form the basis of our own culture are mostly hidden to us. These factors become apparent to other people through our behavior. And, they shape the behavior of a group which results in a “characteristic behavior”.

It follows that if we wish to improve our communication, we would do well to understand the values, beliefs and assumptions that drive our own “taken for granted” culture. If were ambassadors to a totally alien culture, how would we explain the drivers that shape our behavior as a group?

Global interconnectedness, even dependency, is a characteristic of our way of life today. We ignore the influence of culture on our interactions with others at our peril.

This presentation will show us the tools at our disposal to demystify “culture” and learn to reconcile the dilemmas created by cultural differences. We will note the vital role that our emotional intelligence plays in the process. We will learn to leverage our knowledge in order to competently manage our cross- cultural interactions, improve our communication, and by so doing, help improve our ability to change lives and break down barriers to peace and understanding.


-Jack Keogh

Virtual Zoom Session: “The Cultural Dividend” June 10th 6-7pm

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