Host a World Scholar!

Dear Members and Friends of People to People Delaware,

One of the most exciting aspects of our organization is the chance to meet with people around the globe.

We are being offered a wonderful opportunity by Daniel C. Bottomley, PhD, Director of Public Diplomacy & Global Initiatives in the Department of Political Science & International Relations at UD and Isa Haskologlu, Assistant Administrative Director in the SUSI Foreign Policy Program to host 18 scholars who hold either a MA or PhD in Diplomacy, Political Science, American Politics, or International Law. It is a joy to have discussions with others from different counties and cultures.  These scholars are from Indonesia, Greece, Brazil, Macedonia, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uganda, Israel, Papua New Guinea, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Romania, Nepal, Portugal, Turkey, and Kazakhstan.

Due to Covid measures, the University of Delaware summer program for these scholars will be virtual.  It is hoped that by January the scholars will be coming to the USA, and we can meet all of them in person at a dinner!

We are seeking to find up to 18 families willing to meet the scholars via Zoom on Saturday, July 17th and/or Saturday, July 24th.

Your responsibility would be to introduce the scholar to American culture, family life, local issues and cuisine.  Building a relationship is the goal.  It would be up to each family to decide how long to spend on the Zoom call. Perhaps it could be during a meal.  You may also mention a country that would interest you the most.  UD will match us with the scholars and let us know the times, due to time zone differences.

If you are willing to be a citizen diplomat and reach out to these scholars, please respond to  by June 27th.

Let us be a welcoming community!

Thank you,

Jean Raleigh


Students do not live with their hosts. Rather, the ELI American Host Program is a friendship program connecting Americans with ELI students.  Hosts get together with their students to share social occasions, holidays, and  friendship.  Our American host families serve as language coaches, cultural facilitators, supporters, and friends as their student adjusts to life in the United States. International students who have hosts demonstrate improved language skills and easier adjustment to American culture than those who have little contact with Americans.

The American hosts benefit as well as they learn about the student, his/her culture, knowledge, and interests, and many of our students have maintained contact with their American friends long after they have returned to their countries.

More about the American Host Program:

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