Ellen Hughes

Executive Director & Chair of PR Committee

Ellen Hughes

Executive Director & PR Committee Chair, PTPDE

Ellen's Bio

Ellen Hughes is the new Executive Director for PTPDE replacing Kim Burdock who has recently retired. Ellen has recently retired from Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library after 26 years.

In 1991, Ellen was the Director of Education in Los Angeles CA. She was responsible for creating school programs for students’ kindergarten through college. The entire museum was staffed with volunteers. The focus was life in 19 the century Southern California. She also negotiated video and photo contracts.

Ellen was very active with the Cultural Affairs Department in Los Angeles.

In 1994, Ellen became Program Coordinator in Contract Education at the Center for Professional Development at Bakersfield College in Bakersfield CA she was responsible for coordinating programs within the business, industry and government sector. While there she participated in the Quality Quest Conference in Los Angeles; the CAEL conference in Chicago, and the League of Innovations workforce in Orlando. Ellen is eager to participate in PTPDE since she has been developing programs for specialized groups for many years.

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