Make Us Visible DE

Make Us Visible DE has been organizing since 2023, advocating for Asian American history in our Delaware schools. PTPDE attended their community launch on September 30, 2023 at the Chinese American Community Center (CACC) in Hockessin, Delaware to support awareness of the contributions of Asian Americans in our country's history.

UPDATE: On May 9, 2024, Senator Bryan Townsend introduced SB 297 in the Delaware Senate, which would not only integrate the history of Asian Americans into Delaware K-12 local curricula, but also the history of ALL racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. This is a historic bill for Delaware. We stand behind Devin Jiang, the young man who co-founded Make Us Visible Delaware through his work with Public Policy at the University of Delaware. More details can be found at the links below.

Make Us Visible Delaware pushes for more Asian American history in K-12 education

Del. group advocates for Asian American educatio